Basic question about Energy pane dashboard setting for "live" consumption reading from HAN-sensor

After setting up my new FH hub and HAN sensor some days ago, I adjusted some dashboard settings that made me lose the power readings in the graphic window.
Both the orange numbers on top were live (with identical numbers) showing consumtion, and I feel ashamed that I probably made them disappear not knowing how to activate them again.

I would appreciate if anyone could give a hint of which setting that activates the visual energy exchange again.

Here is a picture of the running services from the HAN-port sensor

Do you see power reports in the message stream view?

As mentioned I’m new to this with limited understanding, but I made a filter under ‘message type’ set to ‘meter’ (just a guess)
The screenshot below may show what you suspected. (If I filtered correctly)

The three digit consumption (in watts) do match the updates in the APP. Since I have 10 sec polls you probably understand that I have a Kamstrup AMS unit.
HOWEVER, one thing I noticed from first day is that the shown consumption in all is varying with numbers not shown in the message stream. I dont know if the app is doing some math operations in background.

The four last readings in the message stream at the pic is 745 - 764 - 737 - 758

In real life some numbers were added in my phone app between the real mesages, giving something like this 836 - 745 - 836 - 764 - 737 - 836 - 758 within the same time frame as the 4 original messages.

Some values seems to be “memorized” and inserted in the phone app between the real readings.
(Same thing happens if I run a temporary large load for some time and then turn it off, the max value is “memorized” and inserted the phone app periodically between real readings for several minutes after shutting off the load.)
Well, I dont think those two ‘errors’ are related, still I think its worth mentioning.

I have no idea it my previous reply and pics were helpful.

To show power reports in TP is it a separate file or flow to make it work?
(No flows are running, I had one but dont know if that was there from the start or if it was a file i experimented with in the editor).

If code is needed to show power reports where can I find it?
Since graphs for power import and and hourly energy reports and are drawn in TP at least something is working.

Since all data is shown in the phone app (despite the update hickups) and not TP the issue seem isolated.
Is it a way to “blank out”, reinstall and start with a fresh TP?
I removed and reinstalled ecollector and TP under Playthings. Then restarted the app, but no difference.

Just to verify , did you set the meter as “main meter” in the app ? There is no need to reinstall thingplex ui

@alivinco: Thanks for yet another reply and checkup.
From what I read I understand that you are the TP guy himself.
However, I can live with this issue until further, so dont put all your efforts into this. After all, it seems that it is a local issue that is not affecting anything since I dont run any Flows related to this information.

Despite the strange behaviour mentioned for the phone app (maybe thats same for all users) I have no issues beside this. FYI: The HAN-sensor is the Futurehome branded type.

Yes it is installed as meter and main according to my picture

However, at the Energy pane in the app it seems to have a “copy of itself” described as “other” ("Andre) always showing the same watt numer as the larger icon.
Pressing that small icon I get “unknown devices”. I have no idea if this is something I did or if it is the setup.

Again, dont spend too much time on this, I just try to provide input as asked :slight_smile:

I’ll try to answer as I think I understand the last question:
I think this is as expected, the app screenshot.
The app shows “Other” for all power consumption that is not running through the app itself, but that the HAN sensor says is pulling watts.

So let’s say you have a refrigerator that is not set up in the app, then the HAN sensor will still register the wattage it pulls. That will then show in this section.

See my screenshot, only the devices included in the FH app shows in other circles than “Other”

Today I tried the following after watching a YT video from FH about the systems.

Until now I have used the IP-address to view data with TP, which acted as it should in the beginning with live power data. Then all live data disappeared.

Today I used the textbased adress to view data with TP, and it is a difference.
Well, the meters came alive but constantly at 100 for both of them, but when clicking at the house icon it seems that live powerdata is presented, but not accumulated data (maybe it has to run for a full period midnight to midnight?)

First picture show “old” login
No data at the meters, no live data, no accumulated values

Second picture show “new” login
Constant data at the meters (locked at 100 - is it % now?), live data is presented, no accumulated values

Very interesting observations. There should be no difference in addressing the URL by local DNS name or IP address, however, your observation makes me think that the problem is in UI settings. Some settings are stored in a local store in the browser. You can try opening the page in Incognito mode and see how it goes.
Regarding 100 , it need to set max value here :

You are right in all you say.
Thanks for solving the “100 issue” in the first setup I had a value of 7000 as default, which I increased slightly. In the text based search the field was empty.

You pinpointed the solution for this issue by telling me to check stored browser data.
I opened the cookies for both the IP-and text based entries. As you can see below, the IP-adress site had a surprising cookie entry. In addition I had this “file:\” which I believe came from a small Flow that I saved, but didnt work.
After deleting the cookies it now works well both with IP- and text based entry. So something with the cookies caused the issue I experienced.

Here are cookies for the IP and textbased entries.
I marked the odd one (I used the search field and couldnt find any other entries like that)

Thank you so much for your time and replies @alivinco
Even if tnis issue wasnt a big problem you helped me out.
I really appreciate that. Thanks again!