what is supposed to be the content of this report? My assumptions would be an array of price per hour, in total 48 hours, for today and tomorrow after release of tomorrow prices after around 1 pm. I am rather sure it was like this a few weeks ago when looking into it, but now the prices for tomorrow are not updated in the report after 1. pm. Thus it contains “old” useless data with the prices of yesterday and today. I can of course use data retrieved directly from Nordpool, but the FH array is more neat and easy to work with. (btw: I use node-red/MQTT)

update at 5 pm. Now, late in the afternoon the report is updated and reporting data for today and tomorrow. Anyone have an idea how come it`s like this? I am going to use this to plan water heating and car charging, and would be much more useful if available right after 1 pm as for the Nordpool data.

Why do you not do your calculation at 23PM for the next day? No reason to do the calculation at 1PM? You still got your calculation for “Today” the day before and the next day is ready at 23PM.

The prices for every hour is fixed, so that is why i do not understand why the calculations have to be done at 1PM.

if I have the hourly rates for the next 35 hours (from 1 pm) I can make a far more valuable algorithm for planning my energy consumption. I know rather exactly the day by day distance of my car. Most often it does not require more than 3-5 hours charging. Then I can pick the lowest priced continuous period for that. For regular daily usage I can have my Tesla charged around 40-50% limit. That gives me the opportunity to skip charging for a day or two on expensive periods. If the prices drops to extremely low levels, I can use my node-red integration with my Tesla to set max charging level to 90 % and automatically benefit from that drop. Of course the algorithm must take into consideration when I plan to use the car as well. But for the most of the time my car rest in my garage. The same algorithm I can use for water heating as well.