Loop node

Av ren nysgjerrighet: Hva er det egentlig loop noden i tpflow gjør?

enig…forstår meg heller ikke på den

Loop is a control element for repeating certain actions for a number of times

In the example, the Action node is executed 10 times . Current counter value is saved into “loop_counter” variable and can be accessed and used as any other variable . For instance,it can be used to generate device address and send commands to different devices . Action node may use such address -
pt:j1/mt:cmd/rt:dev/rn:test/ad:1/sv:out_bin_switch/ad:{{ variable “loop_counter” false }}_0 .

Thank you for explaining. What about the “Step” field, does it control the interval?

Step configures increment for each iteration, it’s only useful when internal counter variable being used for something