Mulig å manuelt legge til service?

Hei! Er det noen mulighet for å manuelt legge til en service på en enhet?

Da tenker jeg f.eks. en enhet som har inngang, at man kan legge til at denne inngangen er en dør eller vindubryter, alarm eller annet?

Kanskje du vet @espen?

Det er mulig å trikse til litt ting ved bruk av virtuelle enheter, men det er ikke noe vi har support på dessverre :slight_smile:

It’s possible to create a flow that converts simple signals to a specific service. The flow itself can be registered as virtual device with that specific service . The functionality is available only in ThingsplexUI . I’ll share the example.

Did you have an example? :grin:

I will move all example flows into separate repo on github later on today and will share the link here.


Hi @alivinco!

Did you get any further with this? :smiley:

Hi again!

Do you have anything that could help me in the right direction? I would really like to test some signals from a machine, to see if I can manage what I want with futurehome or if I need to seek other solutions.
It would be really neat if I could keep it in FH.

Finally -