Zaptec will not appear


I have just recently installed Zaptec charger and Futurehome smarthome.

I have added the Zaptec under Playground; but the charger will not appear under the devices…

Any ideas…?


You have to log in to the Zaptez app in Playground as well.

Have done that…

Anbefaler du stopper og sletter integrasjonen om den ikke ligger i devices. Da installeres integrasjon igjen og etter login, om den fortsatt ikke finns i devices, ring support imorgen.

Tried this several times,removed zaptec in playground and add again, removed futurehome app and installed again, etc… havnt helped… will give it a try with the support…

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I have the same issue, have you gotten any help from support? @Sado

I had to contact Zaptec support;and they changed some of the parameters for the current for the charging box… then it worked very well…

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