HTTP request node reference manual needed


like many others on the forum, I’d like to read the arrays of today’s and tomorrow’s power prices into FH to find the cheapest hours of the day and control my units accordingly. With help of many posts here, I had it running for the Tibber API, but due to Tibber’s recent policy changes that is now out of question.

I’m now trying to use a HTTP request node in a TP flow to read prices from hvakosterstrømmen’s API which returns a JSON string, f.eks. here. The node seems to read the string correctly, but returns an error in the log stating that unmarshalling the JSON string failed. Due to limited messages by TP, it’s impossible to find out whether this is due to a configuration error (I do use JSON unmarshalling) or a more fundamental error.

My questions:

  • Which configuration settings might cause the ummarshalling to fail?
  • Is it possible to configure the “HTTP request” node to read the response without any unmarshalling, and just dump the response into a global string variable?
  • By default, the URL in the “HTTP request” node is static. Is it possible to read the URL from a (dynamically generated) variable into the node?