MQTT payload to change temp set point in rooms?

What is the correct MQTT topic and message payload to change a temperatur set point in a specific room? Have experimented with couple of alternatives, but unfortunately no luck so far.

This might help you;

Thanks. I have been referencing that, but the cmd.setpoint.set type doesn’t seem to work. And afaik there is no way of debugging. Sniffing what happens when you adjust the set point with the app, it seems to trigger a cmd.pd7.request, but probably there are some other stuff happening between the FH gateway and cloud backend.

Been using:
cmd.setpoint.set str_map val = {“type”:“heat”, “temp”:“21.5”, “unit”:“C”}

Any suggestions to which topic I would have to use?

Can you tell me a bit more about your setup? What kind of devices etc?
It must be sent to the correct topic & service. Easier when i know a bit more of your setup :slight_smile: