Smarthub 2

I ordered the smarthub 2 and are waiting for it to arrive. I read the datasheet before I ordered and saw that you have used the EFR32MG12P chip for Zigbee. Most versions of this chip include Thread support, but some versions don’t. My question is if the chip you have chosen include Thread support and if you will provide Thread and Matter support in the hub?


I find it strange that I get no response. Matter and Thread are essential technology at the moment and futurehome need to take a stance. Will you support it or not?

A few months old this one, but I would guess it’s still valid:

Sorry that I didn’t responded to this earlier.
We are a part of the alliance and will implement Matter.
The Smarthub II is “Matter ready” and will support this when we are ready. I don’t have a timeline for this, but this will definitely happen.


That’s great! Do you also know if the new hub have Thread support (in hardware)?

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