Connecte products

Hello. Do the FutureHome support Zigbee Connecte products?

Best regards from Stian

The outlets work great. Have not tried the other products.

How did you add it to the FutureHome hub? Its says no zigee found?

To be honest I don’t really remember, but it was really easy. Just like any other zigbee device.

And I need to moderate myself: They shut off a couple of times when the hub was offline, so be careful about using them for freezers, fridges etc.

Not working. Dont find any Zigbee products.

Sorry for the late response, been on vacation.
Yes, they are supported. In fact we have merged with Connecte, so we are actually the same company now :smiley:
Since the hub doesn’t find any zigbee devices, it really looks like it’s a zigbee issue on the hub itself.
I recommend you reach out to support on or by phone (+47 23 50 68 47)