VOC Sensor support?

I have the eurotronics z-wave air quality sensor included in my network, and in general it works great. FH reports all the metrics like temperature, co2 etc. except for VOC level. I was planning to use this value for starting a fan automatically

I know that this product is not among the officially supported ones, but does FH lack support for handling VOC readings in general?

Anyone using others sensors that reports VOC?

Can I get confirmation from the FH team if VOC is supported or not? Or just not for this particular device?

VOC is a service in our API, but has not been implemented in our Z-wave or Zigbee adapters, yet.
So at this moment, the short answer is: No, not supported.
It doesn’t seem to be a high priority either, but I will ask and poke internally.
Please add it as a request on feedback.futurehome.io, so it’s easier to track :+1:

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Ok thanks!
I’ve created a feature request in the Canny board now.

There are quite a lot of entries there, some of them very old. Do you have a public roadmap with what you’re actually are going to work on eg. in the next quarter?
At the very least it would be useful to know the general theme that guides your prioritization process. Ie. what’s the next big thing.

Thanks :+1:
Unfortunately there are too many entries in the backlog. The vast majority of the task does actually have the correct status, but for the ones that’s been there the longest, we have ran into some challenges or it’s been moved down in prioritization due to bigger and more important tasks. This should ofc been communicated better.

Regarding the roadmap we do have our internal ones, which we can’t release for obvious reasons, but per now not an official public one. I am looking in to a solution and structure for that in combination with the feedback page. The problem there is: how much info should we publish, how optimistic should we date them and so on. It’s hard to find the sweet spot between giving you expectations and withholding too much info.


Thank you @Anders , I really appreciate your answer and the dilemma itself.
I agree that having a detailed public roadmap is a recipe for failure in a smaller company like FH. The power of a small company is the ability to shift priorities and focus fast to support the direction which gives the best traction. Setting dates and promises for features will create more disappointment than love from the community.

I would suggest to start small and simple and observe the reaction from the community. Eg. for me it’s currently hard to see the general direction and focus for FH, as the features and releases seems somewhat random. Is there a high level goal or mission statement? (I know, cheesy, but actually useful)

Would you eg. be comfortable with communicating the general themes for the next 3/6/12 months? Just making this up now, but eg.
a) “making it easier for users to migrate from, and swap out existing solutions by supporting more devices and create a better onboarding experience”
b) “increasing end user retention by offering a more user-friendly, in-app, automation experience, with out-of-the-box templates for common use cases”
c) “becoming the number one solution for managing EV chargers”
d) “grow the partner network by creating a more attractive Pro offering”

Hopefully you get the idea :slight_smile: The FH platform is amazing, so would love to see a bright future for it!

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Sorry for the late response, but that is an excellent question. Here is our mission statement:
“Futurehome’s mission is to reimagine the household as an active part of the energy transition by creating simple to use and affordable technologies that improve the quality of life while reducing costs and increasing safety.”

In practice this means we plan to improve the UX of our application to accommodate for the average household owner without technical expertise, create more and better integrations with relevant devices, and develop value added software that will enable smart energy control, safety and comfort solutions. You will see a lot of things happening in the time going forward, and it will all point in this direction. I can’t leak any more details, but at least you’ll have an idea of where we’re headed :+1: