Which zigbee dimmer built-in relay?


I am looking for a small built-in relay (inbyggnadsrelä) that supports external breakers using a spring (återfjädrande) , dimmering features and communicates using zigbee. To my surprise the list of supported products is not long. For example, the polular Sonoff ZBMINI is not supported it seems?

I dont want to use any z-wave products, mainly due to pricing.

Sadly Futurehome doesn’t support cheap wifi-products like Shelly, or that would be my first choice…

Building a new house, and there will be a LOT of relays… hence my focus on price.


I have a Namron dimmer, and it works exactly as you want.

But on the other hand, I don’t know if there is a big price difference between Zigbee and Zwave?
I can’t see this on built-in relays anyway, so I mostly run Zwave as it has a better range.


That was a pricey one. I was hoping for something around 200 SEK. Sonoff has some built in relays, but it is not clear wether or not they support dimmer. I have read the zigbee range is very poor also. They cost around 170 SEK, so that is a plus.

Yeah, maybe I should have another look at Z-wave. In our current home we use shellys and they work great, are cheap and has great range that I can extend by adding new mesh routers for our wifi with ease, sadly there is no support for this in futurehome.

For example, i have a plug for our pool pump, 12 meters away from the house in a small wooden shed, works great with shelly and wifi, but it has some automations that I need to build in futurehome, so I need a way to turn the pump on/off remotely.

FYI, why I am bothering with shellies and why I ask about this…:
I come from Home Assistant, and it worked great, when it worked. Third crash happened a few days ago, corrupt SSD when power was cut in the houise, backup could not be used for unclear reasons: so I switched to futurehome which was my no.2 choice. Here we are now :wink:


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Ok, then you have a lot of experience with systems and solutions.
I went from Telldus to Futurehome, largely due to Telldus’ development stalling, and Futurehome has a much more modern interface, giving higher WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). :slight_smile:
However, I find that Zwave has a significantly better range than Zigbee, so I have almost only Zwave in my system (about 65 units).
It costs some money, but the stability is also a mentally important factor.
So I try to buy products that are proven, but the benefit of going from Telldus was that I had a lot of Zwave that is not on Futurehome’s compatibility list, but almost everything works great, so that list would need an update.
Yes, it wasn’t much of an answer to your questions, but more how I’ve thought about my system.


Thanks for the info. We also started with telldus, then went to home assistant (which works great, I loved it, but didn’t have time for all the maintenance and tinkering.) I will definetly look into z-wave, so far I haev avoided it due to the high licensing costs, but for some devices there is simply no other option it seems (smoke alarms, 3 phase power meters).

The user interface for futurehome is really nice, and is needed to get my wife on board. So far we are mostly satisfied with Futurehome, but there are a few things that they need to address ASAP, such as including spot prices for all nordic countries, not just for Norway. I have a few automations that I want to implement that need spot prices working. Also, a few other wierd things going on, but mostly, we are satisfied with the product (so far).