Advanced Analytics: TP Analytics Explore or data export?

I want to dig deeper into the measurements and data stored from devices. Similar to what is described in the thread Temperatur med releutslag i samme graf I want to do custom analysis on topics like temperature and energy consumption.

Ideally I want to export raw data from FH to external cloud storage and analytics, preferably BigQuery. However, I’ve not yet found bandwidth to craft any event collector/exporter similar to what ecollector does for influx.

The best solution would be something that runs fully on the Hub, rather than setting up a MQTT client on a separate device.

Thingsplex > Analytics > Explore (or any way or querying the influxdb on the Hub) could have done the trick, but I have not been able to make that work.

Anyone that have solved for similar and have a tip or two to share?

You can configure your own instance of influxDB (in local network or in a cloud) and configure ecollector to stream data to both internal and external InfluxDB instances. It can be configured in Thingsplex. Would it be a solution if you could stream all MQTT events using the following configuration HUB -> Google IoT core (over MQTT) -> PUB/SUB -> BigQuery?

Analytics -> Explore can work but might be too short for advanced analysis

Thanks A,

Configure an additional influxDB in Cloud has been a solution I’ve considered. The solution via IoT Core does however sound more interesting given that the (ideal) end destination is BQ.

I’m not very experienced with MQTT nor IoT Core. Have you tested that solution in any shape or form?

The only downside I can see would be loss of data if the connection is down. Since there isn’t really a need for very fresh data (ie streaming), you could argue that a solution where data is filtered and stored to a file on the hub for batch inserts to any external DB or tool would be preferable.

Perhaps configuring a PI to listen on MQTT locally and pushing to cloud in batches would be the easiest solution.

That said, I’m more than happy to test whatever if you have done similar.

Thanks again!

There is an increasing number of users and companies that are in need of exporting data for more comprehensive analysis. High-level requirements are very similar, but the details are different. In some cases, users are ready to invest into integration work but in many cases, they just want data into their Analytics DB / Data lake/Spreadsheet.

I’m not very experienced with MQTT nor IoT Core. Have you tested that solution in any shape or form?

Only theoretical knowledge and the biggest problem is their specific topic scheme, which means that FH topics must be rewritten to what google accepts. But that should be doable.

I will think about it. Most likely there will be an app in Playgrounds that can be used for that type of data export (batched and streaming).

I’ve tried to configure ecollector to stream data to a InfluxDB @ There’s no errors displayed in TP and it seems to be running. However, no data nor configurations is sent to the desired DB. Any tips or tricks on how to debug what’s wrong? Ie. where can I retrieve Ecollector logs?