Intermittent data collection for external Influx/Grafana data analysis?


several threads on the forum (Starthjelp for ecollector og DBInflux, Advanced Analytics: TP Analytics Explore or data export?) talk about using Influx / Grafana together with FH. The solution seems to be to set up an external server running Influx, either in the local network or in the cloud, and configure FH’s ecollector to stream data to this external server. At the same time, it seems that Influx is also used internally on the FH hub for data storage.

The question would be:
Is it possible to have an external Influx instance that is not permanently online, and harvest data from the FH hub periodically into this instance? If yes, how?


Good question. To get a proper analytics setup has been on my to-do for a while now.

If I’ve got things correct there is an influxdb running locally. When you activate ecollector this instance is the default destination, and probably the backend for the “analytics” view in Thingsplex.

In theory this means you should be able to query this db from any device locally with the right configuration.

Ideally i whish for a solution where data could be exported in a suitable format without the need to maintaining a db connection or stream from the client locally.

A new version of ecollector was mentioned a while back by @alivinco not sure what the status is. Regardless, he’s probably the right person to provide an accurate answer or guide to your question.