Aqara smart plug power usage

I’ve got two Aqara smart plugs that were easily added to my new Futurehome Hub. As well as a Tibber Pulse.
However, the power usage shown is not correct.
I have one plug connected to the hot water tank which is 2000 W, but as can be seen on the screenshot below it shows on the dashboard as using about 900% percent of the total household (based on Tibber Pulse). That’s about 21 000 W or so.

I’ve added the other plug to a lamp with an old fashioned 25 W light-bulb, just to test. Instead of recording 25W, the device shows power usage as 285 W. See screenshot.

Am I missing something. Is it a problem with Futurehome, Aqara plug og perhaps my understanding?

Hey! This is a known issue on our zigbee adapter version 2.0.2. This is fixed in the upcoming 2.1.0 :+1: Not 100% sure on the ETA, due to detailed testing.


Får man bruke aqara smart plugg sammen med aqara temp sensor for å styre panelovn?

Kan bruke hvilken temperaturmåler og plugg du vil, så lenge du legger de i samme rom og pluggen blir lagt som “termostat”

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