Astro time events for your own location

I have several flows that depend on the sunrise/sunset, and I noticed they are triggered at least 30 minutes earlier then what I was expecting. Looking into the Thingsplex code I noticed that the latitude and longitude used for the astro events matches those for Oslo. However, I live in Trondheim and even though I set my address in the hub settings, it seems that it still defaults to use the Oslo coordinates for the astro events. Is there a solution for this, other than me manually modifying the flows in Thingsplex?

I experience the same thing.
Live up in northern Sweden, but when I put in my exact address, it uses Stockholm when it runs the automations.
And for me, Stockholm is 1000km south, so it wasn’t so good.
I experimented quite a bit before arriving at a reasonably acceptable solution.
The solution for me was to insert an address centrally in the nearest city.
I took the main street in that town, and it’s only 25km from where I live.
So now it works fine.
Weird solution, but it might help you.

In Thingsplex, you can add coordinates in the trigger node for exact position for sun set/rise.
It’s not optimal ofc, but will allow you to use your address.