Delete devices from the app

Hi, I used to have fibaro motion sensors in pair with my heaters which worked together as a thermostat. Now I excluded Fibaro devices from Z-wave network, but they are still visible in the app. When I go to its settings and unselect to use it as main temperature sensor for the room, I get an error “Something went wrong”.
I’m not able to control heaters manually either.
How do I remove those fibaro sensors for good and get back control over the heaters? Its getting cold here :smiley:
Force delete doesn’t do anything and those are not visible in Thingsplex.

You have to exclude it from the Registry-Setting-Send exlusion event. in adapter you write zwave-ad and the adress is the system adress you can find in the app ( since you have deleted it in TP)

trying that, but nothing happens when I press “Send” button

Hei @Oleg. Det var en sync som hadde feilet - kan du sjekke nå?

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nå fungerte det, tusen takk for hjelpen! :slight_smile:

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Hur får man denna synkronisering att fungera?
Jag har samma problem, det är en enhet som jag inte kan ta bort.
När jag trycker på “send” så händer ingenting.