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I’m trying to figure out how to use Home Assistant with the Futurehome v2 hub, so that I can use home assistant as a dashboard to access all my devices and show it how I want to.
The optimal solution would be a direct connection from Home Assistant to the hub.

I’m running a dedicated server with docker containers, home assistant running in one of them. It seems like the only integration directly from home assistant is an adapter which require the OS or supervised versions. So that’s not an option.

So I’ve looked into running node-red between home assistant and the hub (because based on the forum posts it looks like this is how people solve this). I see a lot of forum posts about node-red and futurehome but no information on how to connect node-red to the hub. Where can I find a simple guide for this?

Another option could maybe be to access the mqtt broker in the hub directly, but I haven’t found any information on that either.

Could anyone point me to a description on how to connect the futurehome hub to an external dashboard?

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@espen & @Anders the guide for this appears to have disappeared (link broken), can you please look into it?


Have a look at this one, that one saves a lot of time/work to get entities into home assistant:

Link to the API-guide is broken and I can’t find it, at least not public, but in short;
Main menu → tool (lower right corner) → household → hub settings → local API

I found that, but it seems to be made for Home Assistant OS/supervised and I run container version. I will try to run it in a separate docker container, but not sure how it communicates with home assistant. Anyone who knows?

Ahh, that’s beyond my knowledge, maybe @RuneL sees this and can give a better answer.

Anyway, you can always use MQTT directly, but what you are missing that way is auto discovery.
Direct MQTT requires manual template of entities.


Futurehome2mqtt is just a rather simple python program you can run standalone.
A adequat version of python is probably already installed on you linux machine.

See this section of the readme.

And, Futurehome2mqtt is just telling Home Assistant about the devices in Futurehome. It does a lot of registration of devices in HA using MQTT discovery.

After this registration, HA and Futurehome communicates directly using the MQTT broker inside Futurehome Hub.

still broken

@jon Thanks. The link should be alive again.
It contains info about the old app that’s no longer in use. Will update it soon :+1:

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Forstår jeg guiden din rett @RuneL, at i steg 1. skal detaljer legges inn under Mqtt brokeren til HA, under Config, Options og Edit Yml? Eller er det et annet sted?

I HA konfigureres mqtt brokeren i GUI nå - Lå i yaml tidligere

Men, du må bruke mqtt brokeren som kjører på Futurehome hub’en - Ikke sett opp din egen.

Ok. Men hvor setter jeg opp mqtt i HA? Hvilket Gui? Har satt opp mqtt u/p inne i hub settings på Futurehome :slight_smile:

MQTT settes opp under “Integrations” i HA


Har tidlegare køyrt HA i Hyper-V, der denne integrasjonen fungerte fint.

Har no gått over til RPi, og får den ikkje skikkeleg opp og gå. HA har oppdaga 151 entitetar (171 i installasjonen i Hyper-V, av ein eller annan grunn). Integrasjonen har fungert eit par korte perioder, men no er det heilt dødt. MQTT explorer viser aktivitet tilsvarande det ein finn i Message stream i Thingsplex, og automasjonar som triggar einheiter direkte via MQTT fungerer.

Når integrasjonen har fungert, har det vore problem med Enocean-einheiter. HA viser rett status, men endring av denne frå HA fungerer ikkje. Payload er rett, men får ingen reaksjon. Ved å resende same payload via Message stream får ein forventa reaksjon.

Logg etter avinstallering og installering av integrasjon no i kveld. Denne har vore lik ved alle forsøk:
Starting service…
Connection to
User: dkvals
Port: 1884
Client id: fimp2mqtt
Debug : False
Selected devices [‘33’, ‘24’, ‘26’, ‘27’, ‘35’, ‘38’, ‘44’, ‘50’, ‘53’, ‘54’, ‘64’, ‘75’, ‘78’, ‘94’, ‘95’, ‘97’, ‘11’, ‘12’, ‘13’, ‘14’, ‘45’, ‘102’, ‘104’, ‘105’, ‘106’, ‘107’, ‘108’, ‘109’, ‘110’, ‘111’, ‘119’, ‘121’, ‘124’, ‘126’, ‘136’, ‘139’, ‘144’, ‘149’, ‘150’, ‘151’, ‘152’, ‘15’, ‘157’, ‘159’, ‘160’, ‘165’, ‘166’, ‘167’, ‘168’, ‘1’, ‘65’, ‘170’, ‘172’, ‘173’, ‘16’, ‘179’, ‘2’, ‘186’, ‘189’, ‘190’, ‘191’, ‘193’, ‘197’, ‘198’, ‘199’, ‘201’, ‘205’, ‘206’, ‘211’, ‘01996416’, ‘FF8EB702’, ‘FF8EB702’, ‘0192F627’, ‘0193057E’, ‘01915DB’, ‘01920A22’, ‘0196071’, ‘0192BE96’, ‘019610CD’, ‘0195FF71’, ‘0192EEDE’, ‘019750B1’, ‘FFCADF04’, ‘FFCADF05’, ‘FFCADF01’, ‘28’, ‘212’, ‘164’, ‘220’, ‘221’, ‘222’, ‘223’, ‘224’, ‘229’, ‘230’, ‘231’, ‘qelpbNqAQ4cmIZF’]
MQTT client: Connected successfull
Requesting current mode status
Asking FIMP to expose all devices…
Sleeping forever…
Creating mode sensor

Nokon som har vore borti liknande? @RuneL ?