Http & Websocket trigger

Korleis set eg opp ein webhook, som trigger i Thingsplex? Eller rettare sagt, korleis set eg opp tenesta som skal fyra den? Skjermbildet hjå meg avvik frå skjermbildet i supportartikkelen - blant anna ingen endpoint URL nederst i node-dialogen…

@alivinco, @espen

PS: The intention is to run shortcuts from Violet SmartSwitch Lite. Works perfectly with Sonos and should be able to communicate with Futurehome as well!

Http and WS trigger is available only in docker’ized version of tpflow (one has to run it outside of the hub) . Mostly meant for webhooks but also can be used for serving webpages , like simple or complex dashboards

Ok @alivinco thanks for the explanation. I guess for the time being I’ll have to set it up via Node Red then.

Actually it’s not true anymore. TP flow was moved to futurehome private repository, and the version released and upcoming versions have nothing to do with as futurehome does not own this organization.


Good if you can consider to support this in the near future. The Violet SmartSwitch was just tested by and works brilliantly with Futurehome in my case (however for time being through a separate Node Red server, while waiting for http trigger support):
Violet SmartSwitch Lite - Test -