ID lock 202

Anybody is using ID lock 202 for doors integreted with FH. Can you highlight your experience with IDlock and functionality with FH?

Planning to buy but can’t able to choose between IDlock 202 and Yale LS3

I’ve been using the 202 for a year an a half. I’ve had some difficulties getting it connected securely to the hub (using the z-wave module). Setting up the hub close to the lock, and persistance got me there in the end. Since it is battery powered, it can really benefit from a wired device close by, so that it can easily reach the mesh network. I have a z-wave smart Plug close by, and the connection has been stable ever since I set it up. I haven’t tried out the more advanced user and code management from the app (I had already set it up on the lock), but locking, unlocking and status works well.