Recommendation for outdoor temp/weather sensor?

Anyone got a recommendation for a FH compatible outdoor (thus weather proof) sensor for temperature/weather data?

I know I can use weather apps :slight_smile: but part of why I want a local sensor is to be able to check accuracy towards these. (Currently logging all data to an InfluxDb server on my NAS)

Netatmo is FH compatible

Thanks! I just found the Netatmo app in the FH playground. This one looks like it has both an indoor and outdoor sensor Smart Väderstation | Netatmo

Yes, the indoor module is the main module and connects to the WiFi, the outdoor module communicates with the indoor module over radio or something.

I’m using simple Aqara temperature and humidity sensors both outdoors and indoors.
It gives me all the data needed for a fraction of the Netatmo price.

Got it. You mean these?

I have a couple of those, but haven’t tried to put them outside. How do they handle outdoor climate?

Yes, this is the one.
I’ve had mine outside during the last month with the temperature down to -16. Workes really well. I had to restart it once to readjust the temperature reading as it gave readout about 3 degrees off. It seems that the restart has sorted this out.

It seems that the readout is done every 20 or 30 minutes, which is fully sufficient for my use.

I’m also expecting that battery will last for 1 year instead of two due to reduced efficiency in lower temperatures.

Ok thanks. I might give that a try. They are cheap enough, so even if they break it’s not the end of the world!