Smarthub update

cloud-bridge 1.3.5

  • Fixed site-struct synchronization issue after migration from Classic to X
  • Fixed behavior that triggers hub switching into “RUNNING_UNPAIRED” mode under unstable network conditions.
  • User configured routes automatically deleted after unpairing hub from site. User configured routes used in Partner integrations (like google home).
  • Added hourly Hub Periodic Reports.
  • Fixed topic subscription auto-recovery.
  • Fixed “fast” reconnect detection and application restart.
  • Added message enrichment (vinculum, device-id, thing-id,room-id in props) for all outbound messages generated by devices. Needed for all partner integrations.
  • Bugfixes

kind-owl 1.3.2

  • Fixed missing notification on Zigbee Door Opened/Closed

kind-owl 1.3.1

  • Allow resending of events
  • Added Zigbee door_lock features
  • Fixed service crash on unhandled report(s)

kind-owl 1.3.0

  • Bugfixes

kind-owl 1.2.9

  • Added support for Doorman (all events)
  • Added username when lock is open from the app
  • Added support for e2e test notification flow
  • Removed SiteId check

tpflow 1.0.2

  • Bugfixes

vinculum 3.0.24

  • Add support for device type ‘energy_storage’
  • Add support for device type ‘inverter’
  • Remove device subtype 'inverter

zigbee-ad 0.3.12

  • Update to firmware 0.3.139.
  • Improve device active status reporting.
  • Fix some devices being uncontrollable after inclusion.
  • Yale Doorman related improvements.
  • Other stability improvements.
  • Adapter now supports: Aqara water leak sensor, Aqara door/window (magnetic) sensor

Firmware Changes

  • Fix occasionally not being able to open the network.
  • Fix failing to include some sensors.
  • Fix reporting issues with some sensors.

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