Temperature reading on Sensibo Air with external temp sensor


I use a Sensibo Air device with external temperature sensor to control my heatpump. Sensibo is integrated with my FH hub. The Sensibo device is set to use the external temperature sensor as main temperature sensor, instead of the temp sensor in the main device.

However, in the FH app, I only see the temperature measured by the Sensibo main device, not the external Sensibo temperature sensor, even though the external temp sensor is set as main temperature sensor of Sensibo. Could that please be corrected?

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No response on this?

I have the same setup and it keeps on heating even when temp targets are reached

I must have missed this one :sweat_smile: I don’t know for sure how this works and haven’t tested it myself, so I will have to consult with the developers on topic. Will be back with an answer as soon as I get response :+1:

Heatpump is heating but screen in app looks like this, something is strange.

Hei @Runar,

the Sensibo device itself is rather stupid. It is really rather an advanced remote control than something smart. The Sensibo software can only change the heatpump state to a fixed new state if a fixed threshold is reached. Futurehome only reads the values coming from the Sensibo API (and puts the wrong temperature visibly into the app). You can also set the heatpump setpoint and mode in the Futurehome app. To set fan speed or similar, you would need to use the Sensibo API in Thingsplex.

What would really be needed is a regulator in the software with large inertia that adjusts the heatpump setpoint, so that the temperature measured by the Sensibo main temperature sensor matches an user set actual setpoint. I have that on my to-do list, but the task has been there for a while…



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