Panasonic heatpump integration, cliffhanger, sensors


I have a Panasonic heatpump, and it comes with a cloud api. With their cloud-api you can control the devices (turn on off, set thermostat etc), it also has sensor for out- and in-door temp, fan-speed etc.
I can poll their API to get the sensors reported. My end-goal is to expose all of it’s features in futurehome in order to control automation of it.

I started with Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

and my app is discovered by the smart-hub, and I can login from the smarthub to their cloud-api with the username/pw dialgoue, and I’ve created a periodic task which submits sensor_temp events to the hub and I see these arriving.

I’ve later on discovered cliffhanger and the cliffhanger-app-generator and this seems a lot cleaner and nice to use, so the next step is to re-write into this framework.

question 1:
Should I use an app or adapter type for the scaffolding, given the functionality and the features I want to expose (login, control device, emit events for sensors).

question 2:
How can I control the location of the device? (i.e. place it into a room in futurehome) - as it does not appear as a device in the FH-app?

Actually it really has two locations, as one sensor is outdoor, and one indoor, and we don’t want the temp displayed as a avg of the two when placed in a room.

question 3:
How do I get the nice widget of temp shown in futurehome, like for other temp sensors associated with a room/location? I guess this depends on question 2.

Any suggestion to this?

@espen Do you have any clever solutions here? :smiley:

No-one? Is this forum still running? Are you bankrupt?

Hey! We are still running, it’s just a bit above my technical knowledge. We have asked internally for a description of this, so I will provide you with an answer as soon as I get one. Sorry for the delay.

Q1) You should use cliffhanger generator to generate EDGE ADAPTER.
Q2) Device will show in the mobile app only after you have created an adapter that successfully sent an inclusion report adding the device to the system. Inclusion report contains device specification including its services and their capabilities.
Q3) Once device is properly included in the system you can assign it to a room. Based on your description you want to create a thermostat thing that includes thermostat service and a numeric sensor service.What you want to do is a typical playground adapter implementation and cliffhanger framework contains everything you need for the job. A typical edge adapter works like this:

  • user logs into the cloud/local network API of the device using password or oAuth2 authentication
  • user goes to the settings where he can optionally select which device of the available in API to include in the system (this part can be skipped if the adapter is intended to serve only single device)
  • from now on the application is an adapter of the device, so in its name listens for all commands to the device and does reports on its behalf

Important documentation:

GitHub - futurehomeno/fimp-api: Futurehome IoT Messaging Protocol Docs of the password flow of the playground application:
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. achieve this in Cliffhanger using newly generated project you need to:

Maybe for the first attempt it’s the best to completely ignore all playground app requirements and just play with adapter and thing implementation. Good luck and have fun!


Thanks for the reply. I actually had the login, controller and reporter already implemented, but where I fail is in the wiring.
Maybe you could have a look at this repo GitHub - davidkarlsen/edge-panasonic-comfort-cloud-adapter - as far as I can see I have the bits and pieces implemented as you specified, but there is a fair amount of wiring going on in edge-panasonic-comfort-cloud-adapter/thing.go at main · davidkarlsen/edge-panasonic-comfort-cloud-adapter · GitHub which isn’t well documented. Could you comment on that please?

We are looking into this to get a sense of what’s been done and what’s needed, but you are definitely on the right track here. Will come back to you once the developers have had time to deep dive.

Any news to this post?
Im kind of in the same situation trying port my HA impl of LVI ovens (thermostat) using FH and the Cliffhanger framework.