HAN Device

So I am going to invest in a HAN adapter, as far as I know there are 5 options out there:
Tibber puls 700NOK
TIbber Puls KM 800NOK
EVA Han 500NOK
Frient HAN 400NOK

Do they all report the same? Is there any diffence in functinality stability?

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Depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to use strømkontrol, FH is currently the only option. If all you want to do is see your usage details, others will work too, but I haven’t looked at the compatibility list for a while.

What are you wanting to use it for?

I basically want to make sure I am below 10kW, and that I charge the EV and turn on my heatpump/heating cables/water boiler when the elctricty is cheap.

I do also have Growatt PV inverter but as far as I know this is not integrated in Fh at the moment, so that I need to use the HAN port to monitor my PV production.

I have had Tibber and now FH. I know little about the others, and nothing about pv.

The easiest approach is probably the FH Han and use Strømkontrol. It will do the 12 cheapest hours for compatible chargers and, if you have a FH relay, your hot water heater, as well as the usage limit (without having to use Thingsplex). You can do it with others too, but you’ll need to do it all in Thingsplex. Strømkontrol doesn’t do heating for cheapest hours out of the box, so you’d need to set that up on your own with automations.

For Strømkontrol to work with the heating cables to limit usage you’ll need FH thermostats. The heat pump would have to be set up with automations if you wanted that.

Tibber will do a bunch too, but then you have to buy your electricity from Tibber. Not sure if it can do hot water heater control- might depend on your setup.

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I have Tibber’s HAN device, and you don’t need to buy the electricity from Tibber to buy and use it.
It is free to create a user at Tibber and use the product, however you do not get the same length of logs at Tibber if you are not a customer.
But I don’t care about the Tibber logs, because I just look at everything in Futurehome.
It works well for me.

But you do have to buy power from Tibber if you want to use the app to control charging and heating.

Yes, ok, but I thought you meant to use Futurehome.
I don’t use Tibber’s app for anything, but do everything in Futurehome.
The Tibber unit just delivers values to Futurehome for me.

Same for me when I used it. I was just referring to how he wants to use it.

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Yes, but now that Tibber is integrated into Futurehome, it is easy to use it there.
So I don’t think there is any problem in getting what he wants.

The FH and Tibber Hans each have more features within their own ecosystem. The power control features of Tibber and FH only work with their own Hans.

It comes down to a choice of if you want to use Strømkontrol or learn/use Thingsplex.

Yes, I completely agree with you, then we are on the same track.
Since we live in the year 2024, I don’t understand why you don’t have a complete graphical interface???
Thingsplex is not something I feel I can bear to get into.

Yeah, I’d love to have better automation creation and editing possibilities in the app.

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Thanks for all the comments. The disadvantage as I see with Tibber, is if the wifi goes down, Tibber changes their API, or if you don’t want to use Thingiplex. Tibber only has advantages if you are using Tibber as your electricity provider(which I am not due to PV agreement).

The other two options are cheaper and uses zigbee, however for a save of 400NOK you need to set up your own flow in Thingiplex. Not a big deal, however currently I am a bit short on time so I’d think I rather spend the extra NOK if FH Han works out of the box, and then later set up the flow in Thingyplex or swap to Openhab/HomeAssitant to gain full control over my electricity bill.