Futurehome (strømkontroll) vs Tibber and other questions


I am considering buying some Futurehome stuff but there are somethings which are unclear to me.

My current situation is that i am living in Norway and use Tibber. The current integrations i have with tibber is

  • Smart charging with Easee and Tesla
  • Smart(ish) heating with Adax with heaters
  • Tibber Pulse Han adapter


  • This looks like a package you can buy, but it is actually a package of a hub, han, relay and a thermostat. So if you already have a hub, can you then just buy the other parts and enable strømkontroll?
  • How does this compare to what tibber can do for heating your home? Will there by any gain with my adax heaters?
  • For car charging, do you also integrate with Tesla? Can it plan based on the current charge level and desired charge level set in the car?


  • It is a bit unclear to me what the modes are and what you can do with it.
  • The sleep home has a fixed temperature of 18deg. This would be too high for us (regular during the day temp is about 19deg). Is this really alway fixed, or should we use a different mode?


  • Are there any integrations with heatpump based heating?

BumperdeBump :slight_smile:

I have Easee and a tibber han, but Vibb as provider. I have adax as well. (At the cabin i have a FH han)

Using modes you can adjust the temperature as high or low as you want. I have different temps in each room. You use the modes to change many settings with one click. So like if you’re leaving and want to adjust the temp down or come home and want to turn off lights and increase the temperature.

I don’t use stromkontroll but maybe @Anders can answer this

I tried controlling Adax with Tibber, but wasn’t satisfied so turned it off. I only use the load balancing function with car charging.

Charging control is pretty basic. It might be that controlling it with Tesla functions is best, but I have a leaf, so I can’t help much there.

I believe integration with heat pumps is done with Sensibo.

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