Virtual Device: Air Conditioner/Heat pump

Hi, I’m making a virtual device for my Panasonic Air Conditioner and right now, it’s like a thermostat reporting the temperature and the wanted temperature. All good.

Although, I have some issues

  • How can I expose the mode (heat, cold, auto) ?
  • How can I expose fan speed?

I tried the virtual thermostat example at Github, but I really can’t expose the mode in the App. Neither the fan speed.

If I’m not mistaken, the thermostat modes currently not supported in the mobile app UI, neither fan speed is, unfortunately. As a workaround fan speed can be controlled using a level control service.

Ok, I’ll wait implementing these features until it’s ready then.

It would be pretty COOL if a flow could register multiple devices based on an array of json devices, instead of a single virtual device (maybe I could use channel if it is multiple devices of same type?)

What language is the flow translated to? Is it possible to go to a more basic level than this drag&drop thing?

For more advanced logic, it’s better to write adapters or applications using general-purpose programming languages like python,golang, JavaScript , Java , etc .
Flow definition is not translated to any language, it’s just a configuration that is loaded into the rule execution engine. The engine itself is written in golang and compiled into a static binary , in case if you have an interest I can share the link to the public github repo.

thanks, I’m aware of the Apps, and that’s the way to go for a more advanced setup. But, since I’m able to link Verisure and my Panasonic Heat Pump through Flows, that’s good enough for now!

I’ll certainly will take a look at the Apps, would be a nice addition to the community since Flows is kind of “advanced”.

I miss a secret area for variables though. Don’t like exposing username and passwords as variables.