App update 5.21.3


  • [fix] Fixed handling null props in energy services.
  • [fix] Fixed checking types in media_player service.
  • [fix] Fixed getting media album (temporarily removed the feature).
  • [fix] Fixed handling null siren_ctrl service values.
  • [fix] Fixed setting active status to ‘active’ by default.
  • [feature] Added ev charger icons.
  • [fix] Fixed device, service and alarm cards.
  • [feature] Added some translation for barrier_ctrl service.
  • [fix] Fixed displaying improper card in device details.
  • [feature] Added indicating problems to all device cards.
  • [fix] Fixed showing empty section in device details.
  • [fix] Hid room info in device cards displayed inside room cards.
  • [feature] Added autofill hints to auth forms.
  • [improvement] Improved unrecognised device card.
  • [improvement] Other small UI changes.
  • [fix] Edit devices triggered status now shows correct status for the device type.

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