App update


  • Fix incorrect states for security graphs.
  • Allow user to set negative zwave parameters.
  • Allow user to navigate to home screen by clicking the app bar title.
  • Fix an issue where you could not trigger playground actions.
  • Cleanup and multiple language fixes.


  • Reverse order of backups so that most recent is on top.
  • Run site sync after restoring a hub.
  • Improve device search: you can now search for room, type and subtype as well. Type search is currently restricted to the system name for the type.
  • Allow deleting playground apps from custom adapters if the adapter supports it.
  • Devices now show what room they are in under safety, security and device list.
  • Improved expandable card animations and allow for the leading / trailing widgets to be animated away as well as smooth out hiding the room controls.
  • Several performance improvements for how security information is shown on the dashboard and on the security view.
  • Consistently show problem emarks from dashboard down to device detail view.
  • Fix issue where low battery status was not shown correctly under device details.
  • Fix issue where the app could crash when adding / editing tags.
  • Close the mode change dialog after selecting mode, not when mode has changed.
  • Fixed multiple issue related to how RGB lights are shown.
  • Locking doors and opening / closing doors are no longer considered the same thing.
  • Water leakage now shows with the same severity on the dashboard tile and safety view cards as when fire is detected.
  • Several other minor improvements.
  • Updated dependencies.