App update 5.11.x -> 5.19.x


  • Fixed displaying improper number of values for meter device in energy stats.
  • Improved and fixed some translations.
  • Fixed small UI issues on DoorLock related screens.
  • Fixed data displayed inside Meter card.
  • Fixed pairing devices (broken in 5.19.0).
  • Unhid energy statistics.
  • Added ignoring active status for battery devices.


  • Fixed adding and deleting door lock accesses.
  • Added support for an extended range of pin access lengths.
  • Fixed displaying door lock accesses from multiple locks.
  • Improved and fixed some UI related to door locks.
  • Fixed and improved some things from LoginScreen.
  • Fixed email and password validation.
  • Fixed confirming fire.
  • Fixed handling sires in the app.
  • Fixed and improved other fire related screens.


  • Added support for 4 new timeline events.


  • Fixed timestamps shown for energy measurements.
  • Fixed assigning devices into wrong energy categories.
  • Fixed showing improper energy measurements.
  • Significantly improved performance on energy-related screens.
  • Fixed getting device address.


  • Fixed setting door locks mode-change actions.


  • Updated some texts related to fire alarm.
  • Fixed updating fire alarm confirmed status.
  • Fixed not detecting open/closed on some locks.
  • Fixed setting up door lock automations.
  • Improve some UI elements related to locks.
  • Fixed iOS connectivity issue.
  • Improvements in energy data collection


  • Fixed unlocking issues that occurred on some locks.


  • Fixed not being able to load the app without having at least one site.


  • Added device active status.
  • Introduced some UI changes and small fixes.


  • Fixed sending chargepoint message to wrong topic.
  • Improved door lock locked events.
  • Fixed and expanded site notifications page.
  • Fixed and enhanced door lock device controls.
  • Fixed door lock device status not affecting dashboard security tile / security screen’s combined status.


  • Fixed crashing android widget.


  • Removed device active status (temporarily).
  • Added notifications settings screens UI improvements.
  • Fixed Dashboard → Security → Motion card (consistent problem indication).
  • Fixed watchOS spam.
  • Added better iOS widget spam fix.


  • Added user name to FIMP messages related to locking/unlocking door locks.
  • Added alert mark to security tile, security screen and device details.
  • Added device active status.
  • Fixed iOS widget spamming requests.


  • Fixed text after successful user verification (biometrics/password).
  • Added user verification before creating, editing or deleting lock access.
  • Removed ‘?’ from the timeline.
  • Fixed texts displayed during various lock loadings.


  • Fixed door lock battery status in device details.
  • Added alert mark to dashboard security tile and security screen when door lock battery is low.
  • Fixed automatic screen transition handling.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Hot fix (login page can now render).


  • Fixed endless loading for Zigbee devices.
  • Extended support of AccessGranted and AccessDenied timeline events.