App update


  • [feature] Added support for specifying main temperature sensor.
  • [feature] Added a tooltip to the energy statistics chart.
  • [improvement] Made the energy statistics energy meter line nicely dashed and curved.
  • [improvement] Add proper pre-caching of Futurehome logo displayed on the login screen.
  • [improvement] Rounded line endings in energy statistics energy meter line.
  • [improvement] Changed Smarthub pairing error message to a more friendly one.
  • [fix] Fixed app storage on Samsung devices.
  • [fix] Fixed some small stability issues.
  • [fix] Swapped default door lock locked/unlocked Norwegian messages.
  • [fix] Fixed small clipping issue occurring sometimes on energy statistics screen.
  • [fix] Fixed lack of animation when switching between monthly energy statistics.
  • [fix] Blocked unsupported font sizes.
  • [fix] Corrected routing after Z-Wave inclusion.
  • [fix] Fixed jumping animations in energy statistics once again.


  • [feature] Add info to energy statistics about delayed energy meter report.
  • [fix] Fixed disappearing loading view when creating zwave door lock accesses.
  • [fix] Extended timeout for requests related to door locks.
  • [fix] Fixed sending messages to door lock devices with hardcoded channel.
  • [fix] Other minor fixes.
  • [improvement] Improved energy statistics’ error view.


  • [feature] Added better information regarding statistics’ chart values.
  • [feature] Added fire alarm subscription page.
  • [feature] Added new energy group for ev chargers.
  • [fix] Show descriptive error when trying to confirm a fire alarm test.
  • [fix] Updated fire alarm subscription translations.
  • [fix] Correctly show which room a fire is detected in.
  • [fix] Expanded set to true for initially expanded cards.
  • [fix] Replaced clipped fire alarm icons with non-clipped versions.
  • [fix] Fire alarm should go back to fire alarm home screen when service is disabled.
  • [fix] Removed data from unknown devices with value equal 0.
  • [fix] Fixed jumping animation occurring sometimes due to rounding of small digit fractions.
  • [fix] Fixed showing infinite loading in monthly statistics.
  • [fix] Extended timeout duration for adding and deleting door lock accesses.
  • [fix] Fixed combining energy statistics data.
  • [fix] Fixed displaying lack of meter line in energy statistics.
  • [fix] Fix generating playgrounds checkboxes (handle nulls).
  • [fix] Fix navigation (handle nulls when setting new route).
  • [fix] Fix generating automation preview (handle nulls).
  • [fix] Allow multiple dots in emails.
  • [fix] Don’t show shading slider when lighting lvl switch is present in room.
  • [fix] Don’t show lighting slider when shading lvl switch is present in room.
  • [fix] Media player card should be initially expanded if you have only one media device.
  • [fix] Added missing ev charger cards in room view.
  • [fix] Added missing fire alarm images.
  • [fix] Lighting and shading can now be controlled from rooms again.
  • [fix] Fixed some small UI issues.
  • [fix] Fixed typo in translations.
  • [improvement] Hide ev charger icon in ev charger card if it already exists in the context.
  • [improvement] Other small UI improvements.


  • [fix] Fix background in editing device details screen.
  • [feature] Add monthly view to energy statistics.
  • [fix] Correct energy statistics’ animations for small values.
  • [improvement] Improve how loading and error are displayed in energy statistics.
  • [fix] Fixed not showing support page when user doesn’t have a site.
  • [feature] Added possibility to share site info.
  • [fix] Hub updating now gets status using new api.
  • [fix] App no longer throws an unhandled error when starting hub update fails.
  • [improvement] Increased timeout for to 20 seconds (up from 10).
  • [improvement] Increased timeout for s3 query to 20 seconds (up from 10).
  • [feature] You can now click in the top right corner to go back to the dashboard.
  • [fix] Multiple small design inconsistencies with the app bar.
  • [fix] Added missing translations for multiple app bar entries.
  • [fix] Change border color for “no room card” in fire alarm to C4.
  • [fix] Basic and unknown device cards now use color passed to parent.
  • [fix] Month descriptions in monthly statistics.

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  • [feature] Added support for specifying main temperature sensor.

How does this work? How do I choose the main temperature sensor in a room?

You don’t - yet. :wink:

This is just functionality that is added for future use. :slight_smile:

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