App update


  • [hotfix] Associations should filter supported, not selected devices.
  • [hotfix] Load fire alarm home page even though fire alarm subscriptions are null.
  • [hotfix] Prevent loading “after fire” form more than once.
  • [hotfix] Fetch fire alarm subscriptions when fire alarm home screen initializes.
  • [hotfix] Hide add / edit contact persons for people who do not have BoSafe.


  • [feature] Added new light control screen.
  • [feature] Added support for restoring devices after a fire alarm.
  • [feature] Added support for controlling thermostats when a fire is triggered.
  • [feature] Added new notification groups for smarthub, sdco sensor and han meter connection statuses.
  • [feature] Add, edit and delete fire alarm contacts.
  • [feature] Added toast informing that color change hasn’t been successful.
  • [feature] Added support for autolock interfaces for doorlock service.
  • [improvement] Started using kWh and W/kW as default energy units.
  • [improvement] Added a button, that navigates to the device inclusion, to empty room in the room carousel.
  • [improvement] Fixes and improvements to almost all forms in the app.
  • [improvement] Allow for custom error message when saving playground config.
  • [fix] Fixed numbers displayed inside the dashboard’s safety tile.
  • [fix] Fixed routing issue when changing password on a site where you were not an admin.
  • [fix] Fixed exception when cannot fetch edge apps from the hub.
  • [fix] Fixed exception when cannot get light level in range lightning device card.
  • [fix] Don’t show loading forever when using playground custom UI buttons.
  • [fix] Fixed showing different device count on main settings screen and device list (rare cases).
  • [fix] Small automation fix related to mismatching type.
  • [fix] Do not treat an activated “unknown” alarm event as an alarm.
  • [fix] Other minor fixes.
    Features related to fire & notification for HAN meters is ready from the app, but need additional software updates.

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