Custom power use/status display

I would like to create an info display for my kitchen that tells me in a simple layout:

  1. todays energy price curve
  2. current top energy consumers in my house

My current smart home setup is Tibber with Pulse to control a 1st gen Futurehome box with all z-wave devices connected.

For this project I have lying around a Raspberry from previous experiments with HomeAssistant. Various older iPads. A Windows 7 tablet.

I suspect some solution with Grafana on the Raspberry is the way to go, and I am sure the answers are already here in the forum, but I would like to avoid going down too many wrong paths. What’s the best way to solve this?

Since you have Raspberry PI laying around and collecting dust, you can install Docker and try this - Docker - docs and be very creative with Grafana. If you don’t feel comfortable with Grafana, you can wait for a few days and get the dashboard directly from Thingsplex flow (the latest version is only available when installed as docker container)

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