Solar panel integration in energy hub and dashboard?

Just connected my Futurehome smarthub, and added the Tibber integration (why is it called Tibber Pulse btw, it just seems to connect to the Tibber Open API?).

On the dash I get a nice round circle with the home power usage in the middle. I am not sure why it shows decimals here, it just make the presentation worse in my opinion bcause the numbers jump a bit depending on if it shows like 642,5 and 642.

My main concert here is why there is no representation on the output of the solar panels. I was expecting another round circular bar (maybe yellow) outside the gray one that would indicate that the number now represents what the solar panels are producing, or something like that. I can’t find any indication in futurehome that our home has solar panels, or how it is represented. What if I want to write an automation that is based on wether or not we are producing solar energy? Futurehome just shows 0W if we have net production.

Maybe there is something I am missing here, but the whole idea about solar panels (and home batteries) seems to be missing from futurehome? It would be nice to get some kind of integration with the solar inverters (in our case SolarEdge, but Huawei, Growatt, Fronius are other popular brands).


Regarding the Tibber thing. There are two different types of integrations; Tibber Pulse, which is the integration from Tibber to Futurehome where we fetch data from the device; Tibber Pulse. The other one is found within the Tibber app, and that is enabling Tibber to controll heating devices in Futurehome.

I will ask the design team on the decimal showing.

As of now we don’t have any good visualisation in the app of energy generated and/or exported. We are aware of this and are constantly evaluating the situation.
We also have an integration on Fronius, but the data from there is only available in ThingsPlex (this has been a test project).