Getting started with Futurehome, a few questions

Hi there!

I recently found this product and it looks just stunning, and might suit our needs perfectly. First, here is our setup:

Location: Sweden
Products/services we currently use:

  • Tibber
  • Watty
  • SolarEdge inverter
  • Easee
  • 3 phase pool heat pump
  • 750 watt 1-phase pool pump
    . Nibe Fighter 370 heat pump
  • Telldus v1 smart home (some basic stuff, like temp sensors, nexa light switches, which works intermediate…)

We also have a pool, where I want some additional monitoring of temperature/powerusage.

So, what are my questions? Well, first of all, it is somewhat unclear exactly how I should set up my home with Futurehome to get a nice power-usage graph? What products should I use to see (in real time and historically) how much my home is currently using, how much the solar panels are producing, how much the pool heat pump is using, etc etc etc. We use tibber, but it is pretty basic and only show info for the whole, home, not for plugs with individual power metering.

Second, what kind of product do you recommend for measuring pool temperature? Today we use a simple 433 Mhz telldus sensor with an external sensor I just dip into the skimmer. I am surprised to find no such device for z-wave/zigbee. Suggestions?

Most of our needs are about the energy, I would love to see a graph with both house use, solar production and individual consumers (heat pump, tv etc etc).