Energy consumption report


Any advice on how a report on energy consumption could be generated, but on an individual gadget (not grouped by gadget type)?

Also been wondering about this. I want to see what the different units use not the entire category.

Unfortunately we do not have this in the app as of now. I have forwarded this wish, along with similar ones, to the product and dev team.


Futurehome is doing a lot of markering around energy savings and energy consumption stats. But if all you can see is all your appliance in one big lump what does that help?

Yes its pretty disappointing they can’t make a better energy comsumption view. The data is all there, they just need to make a better gui.
If you use the playground you can run eventcollecor and view detailed stats in the ThingsPlex gui. But its not a good gui and its not available outside your house (unless you VPN in)

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