Thingsplex Analytics/Energy

When you click on the House to see energy use per device, the aggregated values
Energy today, Energy week and Energy month are all showing 0kwh.

Is this a bug or does it have to be configured ?

Activate “Event collector” in Playground, to enable this feature

The event collector is activated. But still no aggregation.

Aggregation view is not implemented in UI , “0” are just placeholders

OK Thanks for your reply.

Hi Alex,
Do you have any plans to update the UI to include aggregated values ?


Hi Are,
The short answer is - yes, but I don’t know when. Also, I have no clue when Futurehome will be ready to accept my contribution. As always, the code is open and will be released as a docker container first ( can be installed outside of hub) and hopefully FH at some point, will make it public through Playgrounds.