What are the functionality of Futurehome smart socket?

I’m trying to use the power reading from the Futurhome smart socket to see the current/effect and when its low then shift another smart socket (on the same circuit) to active and then close it again if current/effect is up again.

  1. When is evt.meter.report updated by the socket? How much of a change in current/effect give a report? The mobile app is updating.
  2. If I use cmd.meter.get-report every second it appears to reset the effect value but also update evt.meter.report? In the mobile app this turns the effect to blinking value that seem to immediately reset to 0 W as in the flow, instead of normal operation (so this seems like a bad idea).
  3. The report is a string value (* W and/or * kWh), and not float? Any way to handle that so that it can be used in an IF-operation as intended (checking W)? The evt.meter.report however seem to be resulting in both W and kWh values. The unit is shifting in the value field in the flow trigger (se 2 above).
  4. The extended report is a float table. Does that table look like the mobile app unit info and how do I use the values in a flow?