Philips Hue smartplug services

New to TP. Became curious when I saw the Philips Hue smart plug has a service called “virtual_meter_elec”.

Anybody knows what that is? Name and unit of the service (W) sounds like it could return the power consumption of the plug…
If that’s the case, where could I find a tutorial to learn how to start logging the consumption whenever the plug is on?


More or less same functionality on all devices .

Go Adapters > select Generic adapter > Select HUE > Reload device list .

Select services for your device .

My HUE lamp reports that it has

Light control(out_lvl_switch)

Alert scene(scene_ctrl)

Color control(color_ctrl)

Your smart plug probably have



I did not find any power report there, but only having lamps that’s logical …

IF I had found the one you mention , I would test it from the /fimp/thing-view/hue page. Verified in /fimp/timeline that messages was sent , and then started coding …
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