Philips Hue smartplug services

New to TP. Became curious when I saw the Philips Hue smart plug has a service called “virtual_meter_elec”.

Anybody knows what that is? Name and unit of the service (W) sounds like it could return the power consumption of the plug…
If that’s the case, where could I find a tutorial to learn how to start logging the consumption whenever the plug is on?


More or less same functionality on all devices .

Go Adapters > select Generic adapter > Select HUE > Reload device list .

Select services for your device .

My HUE lamp reports that it has

Light control(out_lvl_switch)

Alert scene(scene_ctrl)

Color control(color_ctrl)

Your smart plug probably have



I did not find any power report there, but only having lamps that’s logical …

IF I had found the one you mention , I would test it from the /fimp/thing-view/hue page. Verified in /fimp/timeline that messages was sent , and then started coding …
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Hi! Since its a year old I figure you found the answer. Since I was just now trying to understand the same thing I will post a reply.

As far as I understand you set an effect level for on-mode in the future home app. That is then recorded as energy consumption when the switch is on (but to have it shown in Thingsplex as consumtion is another issue). So its not an actual meter but a virtual meter.