Missing device category in power consumption graph

The graph of power consumption over time in the app should distinguish by device category, i.e one colour code per device category visible on the home screen. In my case, I only see the “energy meter”, “climate”, and “others” categories, the category for “appliances” or “boiler” is missing - but used to be there 2 years ago. Any news on this bug?

Yes, every category has it’s own colour and “appliances” should show there as well (as green-ish). The boiler is under the appliance category.
I have seen cases where the appliance shows the right value in realtime, but not in historical data. We are investigating this, but I have have not seen that the appliance category is completely gone.
Have you checked that the device reports the correct values and that it’s placed in a room?


Yes, the device is placed in the bathroom in Futurehome, reports correctly, and I can switch it normally. I also see the greenish colour in the energy meter on the homescreen. But when I tap the energy meter and select the power consumption over time graph, the appliances category isn’t visible.

I already tried several times to delete and re-include the device, but that didn’t help.

Hm, that’s weird. I think the next step here is to call support. (+47 23 50 68 47)
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