Develco zigbee plugg

Noen som har prøvd denne i FH? Ser den står listet med effektmåling -aktuelt for min del som en mer diskret plugg for ovn styring, kaffetrakter etc.

Har et par zwave plugger som er ustabil ift trigging rundt rutiner. Men er samme pluggene som avogtil detter ut, i god mesh. Mistenker derfor selve pluggen. Er neo coolcam, så bør jo gjerne få de vekk (brannfelle osv)
Develco sine dukket derfor opp som et fint alternativ :blush: hvis ikke blir det fibaro da

I’m using Develco Zigbee plug, works fine and measures power usage.


Thanks! Its not in the supported product list -might wanna put it in?

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Just got a couple of these Develco Smart Plugs, they measure power if I request by registry in TP, not automaticly.
I requestet measuring yesterday, turned the plug off and still measuring the same 10 hours after.

One of two plugs keep falling out of the network. Coffee Machine, so really not practical.
One stays in, but is not part of routines or animation, and currently not in use.
They are really close - isn’t that weird? Good zigbee mesh aswell on that floor (12 zigbee 230v units)

They are not stabile so therefore not on the supported list.
I hope there will be a solution

Hi ,
There is a new Zigbee adapter out, it contains some improvements related to power reporting and service binding. Can you try the wallplug with the newest version?

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I Will, and report back👍

Changelog : Smarthub updates | Futurehome Changelog


I added one of these for a week ago. It works perfectly, but suddenly the meter (kwh) was reset to zero today🤔