Support for Sweden SE1-4 area prices?

Any plans to support hourly electricity prices for Sweden? SE1-4 areas. These are available from Nordpool as well

I don’t know if this is on our roadmap in the near future, but it should be doable.
If you could send a request on, and I will ask internally about the chance for implementing this :+1:

Thanks @Anders! I’ll do that

Is the general direction for Futurehome to be a product primarily for the Norwegian market? It’s kinda the impression I’m getting after using it for a while.

Posted a feature request Support for SE1-4 areas when setting up energy guard | Voters | Futurehome

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Regarding the markets; not, really. We are looking outside Norway and want to expand our market. We are in a big scale-up process now, and is testing a lot of features. As of now, it’s natural for us to start with features in Norway and gradually roll out. We are not “happy campers” in Norway and want to expand, but everything must happen in the right order :smiley:

That’s great to hear!