Can't select swedish spot prices when creating automations

I am not sure if this is a bug or just a QA oversight, but when I want to create an automation based on Nordpool spot prices, I have set my household country to Sweden, but when I in the automation window type my zip code it just says “invalid zip” and I get NO2 or something when I should get SE4, which is my area.

If you do use the Nordpool integration, it covers all nordic countries.

PS, I know there is a feature request for this, but in my opinion, this is not a new feature needed, this is simply a bug that should be fixed asap, since it makes the whole energy section useless for users living in Denmark, Sweden, Finland etc… DS

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Sorry for the late response.
Bug, issue, request, it depends on who you ask. We are getting our spotprices from Nordpool, but as of now have only implemented the Norwegian ones. I would call it a bug if it’s an implemented function that doesn’t work, but since this isn’t implemented yet I will call it a feature request. That said, this is a highly requested feature that we will continue to look in to. We have no plans of ignoring the Swedish market.

Is this still the case or do you have support for the Swedish market?

Swedish spot prices have now been implemented in our app, so you should be able to update the hub and start controlling your devices up towards spot prices. :smile: