Zigbee update

Zigbee adapter 0.3.8 changes


  • Update firmware to 0.3.50.
  • Update FIMPGO to v1.5.0. This fixes timezone errors.
  • Backed up log files are compressed and their number is increased.
  • Workaround for Elko dimmers not turning on when their level is set.
  • Support for Yale Doorman.
  • Improvements to device discovery.


  • Fix an issue where a leak would cause the adapter to freeze after extensive use.
  • Fix issue which would cause a crash with certain color light bulbs.
  • Fix an adapter crash if certain commands are received before a network is created.
  • Many Doorman fixes.
  • Improved communication with NCP (zigbee chip).

Zigbee firmware 0.3.50 changes


  • Increase device limit from 32 to 128.
  • Add a retry attempt mechanism for the interface between the NCP and Zigbee-Ad.


  • Fix device addressing issue, which might cause devices to disappear from the network, and not be added properly.
  • Fix an issue where a remote device is included without having a network.
  • Fix Zigbee chip rebooting upon certain requests.


There is a possibility that some device stop working after updating from a version prior to 0.3.7. That is due to firmware changes needed to make increasing the device limit possible. If this happens, you will need to re-include affected devices.

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