Zigbee update

Zigbee adapter 0.3.9 changes


  • Update firmware to 0.3.72.
  • Support for Norwegian HAN devices.
  • Support for devices with electrical measurement (e.g. wall plugs).
  • Support for motion sensors.
  • Support for water leak sensors.
  • Support for contact sensors.
  • Support identifying devices.
  • More robust communication with the Zigbee chip.
  • Other stability fixes and optimizations.

Tested sensors:

  • Develco motion sensor
  • Elko motion sensor
  • Elko water sensor
  • Elko contact sensor
  • SmartThings motion sensor
  • SmartThings water sensor
  • SmartThings contact sensor

Zigbee firmware 0.3.72 changes

  • Support Metering cluster.
  • Support Electrical Measurement cluster.
  • Support Tunneling cluster.
  • Support IAS Zone cluster.
  • Support IAS WD cluster.
  • Fixes for attribute reporting.
  • Other minor fixes.


Gir dette støtte for Phillips Hue sensorer? :smiley: