Adding HUE Bridge not working :(

Hi, I am a new user of the Futurehome hub :slight_smile: and want to add my HUE bridge… But its not going as easy as descripted in the guide… :frowning: The app find the HUE bridge, but the info seems kinda strange, and they do not work… Have tried to remove and reinstall many times now but nothings works. :frowning: Have added a picture of what the Futurehome app discovers. It adds this “number” as the Hue Bridge, but nothing under “Bridge ID” I have also tried to add the IP and Brigde ID manually, but still nothing is working :frowning:

It looks like the Smarthub discovers 2 bridges, and as of now we don’t support more than 1.
Try manually typing 1 of the discovered HUE bridges in the Bridge id field (in the section above what’s shown on your screen shot).

If that doesn’t work I recommend calling support on +47 23 50 68 47 between 08-16 on weekdays.