Troubleshoot zigbee devices, how?

I have a few zigbee devices that used to work perfectly with another smart hub. WHen using them now with futurehome they seem to have very limited range (e.g. have to be in the same room as the FutureHome Hub. If I move them to other rooms they just stop reporting values. I also find it very hard to troubleshoot my zigbee mesh network, there is simply NO information available in FH, signal quality, paring information (does the sensors connect to the proper nodes…?) etc. I can only see when the device was last updated. 2 of my 8 devices are still reporting sensor info, the others have stopped. They all worked perfectly with the other hub brand. Our house is a simple wooded house 95 m2. No concrete walls or anything.

How do I troubleshoot zigbee mesh network with FH? Is there an addon for this that I haven’t found? My only solution right now is to delete it from FH and re-pair it. It is mostly aqara sensors, but I use “no name” chinese sensors as well.



I agree with you! Would be very useful to have more connection info and troubleshooting tools

Invlude at least one Zigbee-device with repeater-ability.
Many switching devices have.
For instance the Philips HUE switches plug is a good one. Use two of those to cover the distave between my HUB and my workshop som 50 meters away, in another building at my lot.

I totally agree. As of now, the information on Zigbee is not as good as it should, and not as good as Z-wave. In Thingsplex you can see the meshing, signal interference and so on in Z-wave, and we also want to get there with Zigbee. The next step after that, is to evaluate how to present this info as good as we can in the app.

@Newbie61 might be on to something when it comes to signals.