Aqara Temperature Sensor Not Found

I no longer get the zigbee network not ready error when trying to scan for zigbee devices. However, it seems that future home is unable to detect Aqara temperature sensors… It’s the only device I have atm.

I have tried buying one more just to make sure the sensor is not defective. I have followed the instructions and then sensor leds blink after holding the reset button. I’m holding it 50 cm from the future home hub. But it is not found and eventuelly the future home app fails the scan with a “timeout” error.

I experienced the same thing. It seems you have to be really patient when pairing them. Expect one or more timeouts before it is found. I read in another tip somewhere that you could try single-pressing the button every 1-2 seconds during the search. Worked for me.

I’m having no luck in adding Aqara temp sensor or Aqara smartplug. Neither is found.
I tried placing them close. I turned of the 2,4 wifi. It did not work.

What did you mean with single pressing, just klicking the reset/function button on the aqara unit every 2 s?

Yes, I waited though several timeouts and I kept clicking the reset button when in pairing mode. Not sure if this applies to you, but I could not successfully add them until I upgraded my FutureHome Smarthub.

Thanks! The smarthub do not seem to install the update it found so perhaps that is the core problem.

They are really tricky to pair. I have paired 9 temperature sensors last week, and my “method” is:
-Start the zigbee pairing procedure in the app.
-Long press (>5s) the reset button on the sensor until the blue light starts blinking.
-Put it very close to the FH hub. (20 cm)
-Keep pressing the reset button on the sensor every now and then. Short and long press, I have no idea how many times I’ve done this.
-After timing out- and restarting the pairing procedure in the app 2-3 times and just letting it sit, it will finally find the sensor.
-Then it can suddenly loose the sensor when you start adjusting the settings of the sensor.
If this happens:
-Reset the sensor by long press again.
-Restart the pairing procedure in the app. Now it normally finds the sensor pretty quickly.

Dont know how much of this “method” actually makes sense and what is just pure randomness, but I’ve managed to get all sensors working. And once they are paired they seem to have a very stable connection also for long distance (30m to my garage)

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It did work eventually.
Too close to the hub did not seem to be good. About 1 m and out of sightline worked best (something to do with wifi 2.4 interference perhaps?).
I single clicked the sensor every 1 s until it stopped giving a two flash reply. Then reset again and start over.

When the first unit (a smartplug) got paired it worked better adding the others also.
The only thing I did differently with the first smartplug paired was that I did a hub reboot just prior to it being added. I have although done reboots and all other things before but not so fokused.

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