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Seems we who have the “wrong” Kamstrup AMS meter is left in the dark and just have to sit and wait patiently - No updates nor information about how you are working to fix this issue, only “we will call you when we have a solution” - This is not very satisfying, and you should start to give us weekly update on the progress. Is it possible to change to another HAN-meter from a different supplier? Or, should we rather change to Homey?


We are still working to correct this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

So far during troubleshooting, we have involved both Develco (manufacturer of our HAN sensor) and various grid companies, and from our dialogue with them, we have come to the conclusion that the HAN port adapter on various Kamstrup AMS meters does not provide sufficient power for the HAN sensor.

We are now running some tests out in the field, where these HAN port adapters are being replaced with new ones, and the results have so far been mixed. With some customers, the HAN sensor starts to work after changing the adapter, but with other customers the problem persists. We are investigating these cases individually.

We cannot see any clear differences between the HAN port adapters that work and those that don’t, but it has proven to be the solution for several customers.

We have not yet concluded on a solution, but we are optimistic that we will be able to find a suitable solution for all parties concerned.

It is not possible to change to another HAN sensor of a different brand, as our HAN sensor is currently the only supported HAN sensor in StrømKontroll, but we are discussing this internally at the moment, more info to come.

What you can do is contact your grid company and ask if they could send you a new HAN port adapter- and once you receive it, swap the old one with the new adapter and see if your HAN sensor starts reporting again. Performing the swap should be pretty straight forward, as its just a module slotted into the AMS meter which can easily be disconnected.
However I must state that this by no means guarantees that your HAN sensor will work afterwards- as I stated above, this has been the solution for some customers, but some are still experiencing problems even after performing the swap.

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Hi again, I was contacted and asked if I would be willing to be Beta tester for the newly developed HAN port, to test if it will function as planned - I replied stating my positive acceptance……then NOTHING?

You need to work on your customer relations policy …. :crazy_face:

Sorry about this. It has been a tricky case with these Kamstrup meters and the HAN sensor.
I see you have gotten the test and a response from our support team. I hope this works and looking forward to the results of this test from you :smiley:
Don’t hesitate to poke us here if you have any concerns or questions :+1:

I have one of those Kamstrup meters that won’t work. Support has been on the case for a while and we have tried all the different fixes without any luck.
But I discussed this with some geeks at work today and they wondered if it could be possible to provide power via a POE injector? I’m not an expert on this, but I understand that it is a device that forwards the signals, but boosts the power in the ethernet cable, by use of an external power supply.
What I have found so far is that the HAN sensor requires a 3V power supply (HAN-Sensor - Futurehome). However I have not found any POE injectors that support 3V, only 12/24V and higher. I also haven’t found any details of the power output from the Kamstrup meter.

Question to support:

  1. Have you considered POE as a solution for AMS meters that don’t give enough power?
  2. If not, could you please? And subsequently propose a POE injector that is compatible with the HAN sensor?
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Thanks for the feedback :smiley:
I’m pretty sure this has been considered, but I will forward it to the product team just to make sure :+1:

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Got a quick repsonse from support by email, that POE is not an option. No further explanations.

Tip for all of you struggling with Kamstrup AMS meters that don’t give signals: cut the power to the AMS meter by disconnecting the main fuse, or use the surge protection (overspenningsvern). This fixed my AMS and now it gives signals to the HAN module and also enough power for the Futurehome HAN sensor to transmit to the hub.

If you have a voltmeter or multimeter you can measure the voltage between pin 5 and 6 of the 6-pin connector on the AMS (see figure). This should read ~3,3V constantly with a drop in voltage every ~10 seconds, when a data package is transmitted. If there is only constant voltage and no voltage drop, there is no signal sent from the AMS.
This is how I found out that cutting the power fixed the AMS problem.

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