Kill a request to shut off a plug?

TP noob warning.

Aqara smart plugs seem to have an auto OFF function (the plug switches off about 3 mins after the appliance it is connected to is turned off) which I would like to deactivate.
I have made a simple flow that turns the plug back on every time it is turned off, but I would prefer to kill the request to turn it off - that would avoid using the switch all the time.

I see in the message stream that vinculum (?) sends the cmd.binary.set FALSE requests that trigger my flow.

Is that even possible to prevent that command being sent in the first place? Thanks

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Solved. The issue was not any Auto OFF function, but FH considering the smart plugs as heaters to be turned on and off together with the actual heaters they were monitoring (and not actually controlling).
See Allow user to choose what heaters are steered in a given room, or allow decoupling of device type from the category its recorded energy consumption is reported | Voters | Futurehome