Sensor measure to seldom to be used for automation

The sensor readings are not contious or at least several per minute. It register more like a few datapoints per half hour, but irregularly.

I am trying to automise two humidity control flows. Now they work but the sensors do not register data fast enough for it to be useful. Is this something I can influence or is this an error?

That really depends on the device. If it’s battery powered it’s all dependent on the update frequency of the device, not the poll rate from hub. The first thing I would do is to check the devices manual and search for “humidity report” of some kind and see if you can increase the report frequency.

Thanks! I should have checked that. Its an Aqara weather sensor.

So it should be possible to automate if I stick to the > 6 % variation and > 0.5 C. Slightly odd though because that was the intention. How often does the hub poll the sensors?

“If the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure vary only a bit, data will be reported once an hour.
If the temperature variation exceeds 0.5℃ (1℉), the humidity variation exceeds 6% and the atmospheric pressure is no less than 25hPa, data will be reported instantly.”

Hm, then this should work. Does the sensor report once an hour (since it’s not sending report at > 6%)?
It’s only in special cases that the hub polls devices, and since battery devices (most of them) are “asleep”, they do not respond to poll.
How far away from the hub is this device? It could be a signal problem.

All three sensors are placed within 10 m from the hub. They give data as the producer says but sometimes it takes more than 1 hour for a new value.

I did a simple on/off-automation in the app and it seems to be working.
Perhaps the long time between data in combination with me tweaking the flow in thingsplex (which seem to always reset the flow and data?) gave the impression of it not working.

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